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Getting on board with EV charging now ensures your dealership will be ahead of the curve in the transition to electric

Delivering an Exceptional EV Charging Experience

Accelerate EV adoption

On-site EV charging builds your brand, attracting both existing and potential EV drivers to your dealership

Increase sales

Build electrification expertise into your sales team and show prospects how easy it is to make the transition to EV

Streamline operations

Seamlessly manage EV charging from showroom to service bay to vehicle delivery and lower operating expenses

Get Started Today

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Site Design

Our team of experts helps you design the right EV charging solution for your location, vehicle flow, and utility infrastructure.

EV Charging Customer Service
World-Class Service

The help you need, when you need it. Our customer service representatives are standing by for driver assistance and technical support.

EV Charging Rebates and Incentives
Rebates & Incentives

EnergiSpot helps you find rebates, grants, and tax credits to offset the cost of installing your EV charging solution.

EV Charging to Build Your Brand
Brand Engagement

Leverage a premium EV charging experience to connect with customers and prospects and burnish your brand.

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