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Powering Health and Sustainability: The Case for EV Chargers at Hospitals and Healthcare Companies

As pillars of well-being in our communities, hospitals and healthcare companies have a unique
opportunity to extend their care for human life to caring for our planet. The integration of electric vehicle
(EV) chargers into their infrastructure is a step that not only embraces technological advancement but
also promotes environmental stewardship, aligns with patient and employee needs, and showcases
leadership in sustainability.


The installation of EV charging stations at hospitals is more than a logistical upgrade—it is a statement of
commitment to the health of our planet and its inhabitants and a strategy that benefits the environment,
patients, staff, and the broader community. As the adoption of electric vehicles continues to grow,
hospitals with EV charging facilities will be at the forefront of this transformative movement, ready to meet
the needs of the future.

Providing Environmental and Health Benefits
Hospitals are dedicated to promoting health, and a clean environment plays a crucial role in achieving this
mission. By facilitating the use of electric vehicles as a cleaner alternative to fossil fuel-power cars
through the provision of EV chargers, hospitals can contribute significantly to reducing carbon emissions
and air pollution. This commitment supports a healthier environment, leading to fewer respiratory
illnesses—a direct benefit to public health.


Enhancing Patient and Visitor Satisfaction
Offering EV charging facilities can significantly improve the hospital experience for patients and visitors.
Knowing they can easily charge their vehicles offers peace of mind and convenience, providing a value-
added service and making the hospital visit less stressful. EV charging can also contribute to a positive
image of the hospital, demonstrating a commitment to modern amenities and environmental responsibility.

Attracting and Retaining Staff
Amidst a nationwide physician shortage, the competition for talent is fierce. For healthcare professionals,
the availability of on-site EV charging can be an attractive employee benefit, reflecting the hospitals
commitment to sustainability and to accommodating the needs of its staff. This can be a decisive factor in
attracting top talent and retaining employees who are passionate about environmental conservation and
wish to commute in an eco-friendly manner.

Meeting Regulatory Requirements and Incentives
As governments around the world introduce stricter environmental regulations and offer incentives for
green initiatives, installing EV chargers can help hospitals stay ahead of the curve. The future of
transportation is electric, and early adoption of EV charging infrastructure by healthcare companies not
only prepares them for this inevitable shift but also ensures they are ahead of regulatory curves that may
mandate such facilities in the future.

Demonstrating Leadership in Sustainability
By adopting EV charging infrastructure, hospitals and healthcare companies position themselves as
leaders in sustainability within their communities. This proactive approach can inspire other organizations
to follow suit, contributing to a wider societal shift towards greener transportation options. Moreover, it
enhances the hospital's reputation among patients, staff, and the community as a whole, aligning its
brand with innovation and environmental stewardship.


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