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Unlock the Power of Hospitality with EV Chargers

Your Hotel's Next Big Attraction: EV Chargers by EnergiSpot

In today's world, hospitality isn't just about providing a comfortable stay—it's about offering experiences that leave a lasting impression. With electric vehicles (EVs) gaining popularity, providing EV charging stations at your hotel can be the game-changer you've been looking for. Here's why:

Attract Eco-Conscious Travelers: More and more travelers are choosing eco-friendly options, and having EV chargers at your hotel signals your commitment to sustainability. It's a powerful way to attract environmentally-conscious guests who value businesses that share their values.

Enhance Guest Experience: Imagine your guests arriving after a long journey, only to find a convenient EV charging station waiting for them. By offering this amenity, you're providing a seamless and convenient experience that sets your hotel apart from the competition. Plus, it encourages guests to stay longer, knowing they can charge their vehicles hassle-free.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: EV adoption is on the rise, and forward-thinking hotels are already reaping the benefits. By installing EV chargers now, you're future-proofing your business and staying ahead of the curve in an increasingly electrified world.

Boost Revenue Opportunities: EV chargers aren't just a service—they're a revenue stream waiting to be tapped. EnergiSpot can help you implement charging solutions that not only benefit your guests but also generate additional income for your hotel. Whether through paid charging services or partnerships with local EV drivers, there's potential to turn your EV chargers into a profitable asset.

Our Recommendations

EnergiSpot's Level 2 chargers are the ideal choice for hotels looking to provide convenient and efficient charging solutions for their guests. With faster charging speeds compared to standard Level 1 chargers, our Level 2 chargers offer the perfect balance of speed and convenience.


Eco-Friendly Design


80 Amp Continuous Output


Customization Options

EnergiSpot Level 2 Charger.png


Advanced Tech


2.9 Oled


11 X Faster than normal wall outlet

Charger Photos.jpg

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