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Electrical Contractors & Installers 

EnergiSpot is continously Expanding its national Electrical Ev Contractors and Installation partner network to provide high quality installation for EV charging stations. 

The EnergiSpot EV charging station installation partner will work with EnergiSpot Staff and the local target customer to:


Perform thorough & High-Quality Customer Site surveys


Ensure the acquisition of all appropriate regulatory permits for the rough-in installation phase


Deliver precise EV charging station layout & design solution. 


Offer precise cost estimates for the rough-in installation phase. 


Source all required materials and provide skilled labor to complete rough-in installations within scheduled timelines

The EnergiSpot EV charging station installation partner will boast extensive experience in installing commercial and/or industrial electrical equipment, accompanied by readily available customer references.
Furthermore, our charging station installation partners will possess all necessary local electrical licensing and permitting capabilities, along with being bonded and insured.

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